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First Visit - Full Session (3 hr)  - $425

Your initial session (2-3 hours) includes a complimentary follow-up perfecting session.

Perfect session must be booked within 30-60 days after first visit.

~ ~ ~

Annual Touch-up - (2 hr) - $245.00

Your annual touch up should be done within 11-13 months of your initial session.


*Due to the nature of our services, we kindly request that you arrive with no other guests

to your appointment.

  • All appointments must be secured with a $50 non-refundable deposit. While appointment date may be changed, deposit is non-refundable. 

  • Changes and cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the appointment time, or deposit is forfeited.

  • Remaining balance is due upon service completion. This secures your touch up appointment 4-6 weeks following your initial service.

Before Your Arrival:
  • To avoid excessive bleeding, please avoid blood thinners:

  • ​Limit alcoholic beverages 24 hrs. before

  • Limit caffeine the day of procedure (1 cup is fine)

  • Please refrain from consuming pain relievers/killers unless directed by your physician.

  • If you normally draw your eyebrows, feel free to fill them in prior to the appointment.

Post-Procedure Instructions

  • Immediately following treatment you may apply ice to the treated area for 10-30minutes.Ice helps to reduce the swelling and aids in the healing process.  This step is optional.

  • ON THE FIRST DAY ONLY:: rinse the treated area with a mild anti-bacterial soap twice on the first day of the full session.Rinse with water and lightly pat the area dry.

  • Apply AQUAPHOR only as necessary for itching.Do NOT apply every day.

  • Do not rub or pick at the epithelial crust, allow it to flake off on its own.Picking will pull the deposited stokes.

  • There should be absolutely no scrubbing, cleansing creams, or chemicals on the eyebrow area.

  • Do not expose treated areas to the full water pressure of a shower, until the area has healed.

  • Do not soak treated area in a bath, swimming pool or hot tub.

  • Do not swim in fresh, salt or chlorinated pool water for at least 1-2 weeks following your procedure.

  • Limit sun exposure for 1-2 weeks following the procedure.

  • You will not be allowed to donate blood for 1 calendar year following your procedure, per the guidelines of the American Red Cross.

Failure to follow post-procedure instructions may result in loss of pigment, discoloration, or infection. Remember that the colors will appear brighter immediately following the procedure an will soften as the healing process occurs.

Failure to follow post procedure instructions may result in loss of pigment, discoloration, or infection.Remember that the colors will appear brighter immediately following the procedure and will soften as the healing process occurs.


FYI – After the first few days the pigment may fade so much that it may even look as it disappeared. This is completely normal because new skin is forming on top of the hair strokes.After 4-6 weeks the pigment normally reappears as the skin’s natural cell turnover takes place.During your 6-week post-procedure follow up appointment the lost pigment will be re-implanted.


An additional touch-up procedure outside of the 2-step initial procedure may or may not be necessary depending on the final result, which can be determined after healing is complete.



I want you to love your new look and will be available to answer any questions or concerns you have following your procedure.


I am so please to have you as a client and look forward to providing you wonderful services in the future.



Tracie Cervero