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Microblading is an exciting new technique used to fill in, shape, or create eyebrows. Using a hand instrument with a tip made up of a small row of very fine needles, microblading deposits pigment through precise, feather strokes into the epidermis creating crisp, fine hair-like strokes. Microblading does not require removing or damaging any of your natural brow hairs.

Microblading is perfect solution for over-plucked or sparse brows. It’s also great for helping to fill out thin brows or giving a fuller, darker appearance to eyebrows that are light in color. Clients who suffer from alopecia (an autoimmune disease causing spot baldness) or trichotillomania (a hair-pulling disorder) may find microblading to be a life-changing solution.

All the images below are the
microblading work of Tracie and
before and after's of satisfied clients. 

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Our studio offers a relaxing atmosphere, and we make every effort to ensure you are comfortably suited. 

Upon arrival we will go over your expectations based on your current brows. We then apply a numbing ointment to reduce your experience of pain.

Most clients report only slight discomfort.

Then using an eyebrow pencil, and other design tools (I do not use stencils), we plot out the shape of your eyebrows based on your unique features and face shape. This way, you and I can discuss the final shape and the desired look.

Finally, I meticulously sculpt the eyebrow by microblading each individual hair stroke. 

The entire process from numbing, to consult, to final tweaking takes 2­–3 hours, with only 20-30 minutes of actual microblading for each brow.

Microblading is a two-step process. Before you leave we will schedule your 30–60 day follow-up appointment. This follow-up appointment is for perfecting the brows, touching-up the shape or re-stroking certain hairs. This second appointment is essential—it completes the process, ensuring that your brows will maintain their flawless look, color, and definition, for 10–16 months.  (It is, however, important to understand that retention is different for everyone. Factors such as skin type, skin condition, and environmental exposure (such as to the sun, chlorine and salt water, etc. all play a role in ink retention.)

Imagine having flawless eyebrows every day for a year—no maintenance required!

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